About us

We are two guys (...and a bunch of other people) who know a little about books and a little about recycling...

  1. We started selling books out of our basements.
  2. Started selling a few more books out of a small warehouse.
  3. Moved to a larger warehouse and hired people that were outside of our family circle.
  4. Added another warehouse just down the road.
  5. Now we sell out of two rather large but not huge warehouses in the greater Atlanta area.

Who we sell to...

  1. Everybody (through this website, Amazon, Ebay, Alibris, Abe, Half, and Valore)
  2. Bookstores and Booksellers through BRBWholesale.com at a significant discount ...but there is a $100 minimum and shipping isn't free because it usually involves a semi tractor trailer full of books.
  3. Local thrift stores.
  4. Recycling companies ...if the books don't sell to anybody else in a couple of years.