Buying Wholesale from Big River Books

Monday, October 2, 2017

Buying Wholesale books...

Did you know that as a bookstore, church, school, teacher, or online bookseller you can get bulk book prices from Big River Books?  We send out a list of books each week for our buyers to browse and order from.  The spreadsheet comes in an Excel format and is emailed directly to you if you request it.  You can sign up for our wholesale book website here.

We have a much larger range of books to purchase on the wholesale book website than we send out in the Excel spreadsheet each week.  The website shows quantities of books down to 1.  The spreadsheet only shows quantities down to 5 and generally has 8,000+ titles.

Minimum order on is $100 and shipping is calculated by weight.  We also offer third party freight and can use your exclusive rates if necessary.  We regularly ship by semi, UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, etc.

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