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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Videos make book buying better...

We have heard your requests and we are starting to publish small, generic videos of books in our warehouse.

  1. They are small.
  2. They are easy to find.
  3. They are accurate.

We want to make the video small, short and to the point.  We are doing our best to record each video in 4K and publish it to the Big River Books Youtube channel.  Youtube makes it very easy for us to quickly take a 15-30 second video of a book and post it.  The colors are as natural as we can record, no filters, and are done just with the lighting we have in the warehouse.

We wanted to make them easy to find.  By putting the videos on Youtube, we are making them available to the largest audience possible.  You can use links or imbed them directly in your website.  We are linking to the book page on our website, if we have the book, at the time the video is uploaded.  We are putting the ISBN13 at the beginning of the title of the book as the title of the youtube video so that you can easily search for them in Google or Youtube.  If you need to automate links for a website or email campaign, just search by the ISBN13 to see if we have uploaded a video of the book from Big River Books to Youtube.

We don't record any mellow dramatic music over the video.  We will try to show something in the video for scale so that you can see how large or small the book is.  Each video will be shot in 1080p at a minimum and 4K when possible so that the book video is as crisp as possible.

We hope that you find these videos useful when researching a book purchase.

...the Big River Books staff

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